Buitenlandse advocaten

Uiteraard kan ik niet voorbij gaan aan het feit dat onze Orde een aantrekkingskracht heeft voor de buitenlandse advocaten die werken in Brussel en al dan niet ingeschreven zijn op ons tableau. Brussel als balie in de hoofdstad van Europa biedt zeker mogelijkheden. Die mogelijkheden moeten we uitbouwen ten voordele van onze Orde en onze advocaten.

Dear Colleague,

The elections for the members and president of the Brussels Bar Council, Dutch speaking section (NOAB), and 18 representatives for the Assembly of the Flemish Bar Association, are being held between Tuesday 10 June (9 am) until Tuesday 17 June 2014 (11am) and I would like to encourage all members of the Brussels Bar to vote.

You can vote for the members and president of the Brussels Bar Council, Dutch speaking section, and the Assembly of the Flemish Bar via the website of the Brussels Bar. Visiting the website and making your voice heard will only take a few moments of your time.

I have been a lawyer of the Brussels Bar since 1986. I am passionate about the profession I chose many years ago.

I was elected Vice President in 2013. Between 1998 and 2002, I was a member of the Brussels Bar Council and represented our Bar in the Flemish Bar Association until 2013.

Fulfilling the role of president of the NOAB, with its almost 3,000 lawyers, is a huge challenge. With your support, I would be most eager and happy to take on this challenge. I hope that my experience as a lawyer in Brussels, our country’s capital and the centre of Europe, together with my experience at various management levels will convince you that I can be a president worthy of your trust.

Yours faithfully,
Kathleen Vercraeye


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